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The Survey Shot (data input) form

This form is used to input survey shot data, one shot at a time. Note the ability to control the shot direction of each individual shot. There is room for LRUD (left, right, up and down) passage dimensions as well as a page-long note. Virtual survey shots can also be created to associate a geographic (GPS) position to any station.

Regular survey shot     Virtual survey shot with position

Data can be input with the stylus or through a finger-tappable smart Keypad. A Sketch to Scale form displays resulting station coordinates and passage dimensions to scale with the sketching paper grid.

Keypad     Sketch to scale

Survey shots list The List form

This form allows to quickly review survey shots. Columns are resizeable, sortable, selectable, and some editable.

Other views display session data or station coordinates.

Map The Map form

This form displays in real time (as the survey goes) a graphical rendition of the line plot, offering various top, profile and section views, display tools and options, grids and other features to assist in sketching (on paper.)

Map with dimensions     Section view

Lechuguilla A Network view

The Map form can display cave networks. This one is Lechuguilla, assembled from 7 cave files (exported from Compass) totalling 29 639 survey shots.

Pit Sounder The Pit Sounder

This form allows estimating the depth of a pit from the fall time of a rock. Computations lay on the numerical resolution of the differential equation that describes the fall of a spherical body in air.

See the Features page or check the reference manual for more details

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